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For each age group, parents can expect their child to have mastered the following skills upon advancement to the next level of our program:
  • Pass and catch with strong hand at a better than 50% success rate
  • Scoop through groundballs with proper technique, first time, with strong hand
  • Shoot consistently, overhand, high to low, with strong hand, room and time
  • Shoot consistently, overhand, high to low, with strong hand, on the run
  • Shuffle defensively, with proper technique
  • Poke Check
  • Face dodge
  • Split Dodge
  • Properly utilize lacrosse terms on the field

- “Here’s your help”
- “Man” In GB situations
- “Ball” In GB situations

3rd and 4th Grades:

All of the Bobblehead requirements plus:
  • Develop an ability to use off hand in passing and catching situations with a 50% success rate
  • Incorporate a ¾ arm shooting into shooting repertoire, both room and time and on the run
  • Play proper defense with sound hand technique and footwork, strong hand
  • Goaltenders make accurate outlet passes up to 20 yds
  • Defenseman and midfielders understand concept of a breakout, post save
  • Players understand concept of “ride” and “clear”
  • Roll dodge
  • Properly utilize lacrosse terms on field:

- Call out numbers on defensive half of field
- Recognize and announce who “Hot” defender is, i.e., who is the first player to slide

5th and 6th Grade:
All 3rd and 4th requirements plus:
  • Effectively use both hands, passing and catching in game situations
  • Defensemen, handle long poles adeptly with strong hand
  • Goaltenders effectively use proper communication terms

- Locating ball, “Back Left, Back Right, Top Left” etc

  • Goaltenders properly identifying and communication odd man situations

-  6 on 5
- 5 on 4
- 4 on 3

  • Goaltenders capable of accurate outlet passes to 35 yds
  • All players understand man to man ride
  • All players understand man to man defense
  • Defenders properly execute 1st slides
  • Run a competent Extra Man Offense in a 2-3 set
  • Run a competent Man Down Defense against a 2-3 set
7th and 8th Grades:
All 5th and 6th requirements plus:
  • All players understand zone ride
  • All players understand zone defense
  • Defenders handle long poles competently with off hand
  • Defenders properly execute 2nd slides
  • Run EMO in 1-4 and 3-3 sets
  • Defend all EMO sets
  • Leave the program with the skill set to allow the players to play a contributing role at a PIAA or Inter-AC program at the Junior Varsity level as a freshman