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The Conshohocken Bulldogs' members agree to maintain the integrity of our club during all club events. Please review our rule of thumb, club expectations, our communication policy and penalties for repeated infractions.

Rule of Thumb:
Very Simply:
Let the Players play.
Let the Coaches coach.
Let the Officials make the calls.
Let the Parents cheer.

Club Expectations
We expect....

  • all players to have a positive attitude at all times.
  • all players to come to practice on time, dressed in full equipment, ready to have fun and learn.
  • all players to give 100% effort in all drills and practice situations.
  • all players to respect their coaches, the officials, their opponents and their teammates at all times. Coaches reserve the right to pull a player from the field during practices and/or games. Club Board Members reserve the right to remove a player from a roster as necessary.
  • all parents to respect the coaches, the officials, all players and fellow spectators at all times…verbal abuse, negativity or general disrespect of any of the above will not be tolerated in any way. Coaches and/or officials reserve the right to remove parents from the sideline as necessary. Club Board Members reserve the right to terminate club membership.
  • all parents to respect the decisions and direction of the coaches and club directors with regard to playing time, position, team assignments and all other general aspects of the game and direction of the club. Please refer to the communication policy below regarding any questions or concerns that may arise during your participation.
  • all players be prepared to be coached in a positive, encouraging manner, using sound fundamentals of the game, and create a winning, rewarding and positive lacrosse tradition for the Bulldogs program.
  • all coaches to coach in a positive way focusing on the value of team work, fundamental skills, individual development, building confidence, and having fun.

Communication Policy:

We understand that questions, issues and concerns can arise during any of our club events. Therefore please refer to the following communication policy so we can be more responsive to our club members:

  • 24 Hour Rule - If you are upset about something please wait 24 hours before sending any emails. This is a known, best practice in business as well as personal life.
  • Team Related Topic - if your question, issue or concern is team related please email your team coach(es). If you are uncomfortable for whatever reason emailing your coach(es) then please email a board member. Coaches' contact info and board members' contact info are maintained on our website. Again if you are upset about something please refer back to first bullet point.
  • General Club Level Topic - Pick a board member or email the entire board as you wish. Refer to first bullet point as necessary.
  • Message Format - In the body of your message please clearly ask your question or state your concern. Please include what your expectations are or what your desired outcome is.
  • Replies - Please allow up to 3 days for a response. Please remember all coaches and board members are volunteers and have full time jobs. We'll do our best to reply promptly.

Club Penalties for Player Infractions:

  • We will essentially be enlisting a 3 strike rule for players that demonstrate re
    For Your Reference:
    peated, overly aggressive or unsportsmanlike behavior. In both the Women’s and Men’s games there are clearly defined penalties for flagrant or unsportsmanlike play during games. We will be extending to the boys side what the girls side already enforces:
    • A player will sit for the remainder of a game if she/he receives a game misconduct penalty as defined below.
    • A player will sit for an entire next game after the second game misconduct penalty as defined below.
    • A player will sit for the remainder of a season after a third game misconduct penalty as described below.
  • There are no exceptions to the above policy.
  • If you have any questions regarding the rules of Lacrosse, especially those listed below, please feel free to email a board member or a coach.

Boy's game misconduct penalties:
UNSPORTSMANLIKE CONDUCT: Occurs when any player or coach commits an act which is considered unsportsmanlike by an official, including taunting, obscene language or gestures, and arguing.
UNNECESSARY ROUGHNESS: Occurs when a player strikes an opponent with his stick or body using excessive or violent force.
ILLEGAL BODY CHECKING: Occurs when any of the following actions take place: (a) body checking of an opponent who is not in possession of the ball or within five yards of a loose ball: (b) avoidable body check of an opponent alter he has passed or shot the ball; (c) body checking of an opponent from the rear or at or below the waist; (d) body checking of an opponent by a player in which contact is made above the shoulders of the opponent. A body check must be below the neck, and both hands of the player applying the body check must remain in contact with his crosse.
Women's game misconduct penalties:
Yellow cards are issued for a first-time penalty and results in the player being removed from the field for three minutes. In the U.S.: any player receiving two yellows sits out the rest of the game but is allowed to play in the next game.
The red card is issued as the result either of a flagrant foul or extremely unsportsmanlike behavior, and causes the player to be ejected from the game. If the red card is for unsportsmanlike behavior, the player is also not permitted to play in the following game.
In closing we do understand that kids may lack self control from time to time. We hope the above policy helps a player be mindful of the consequences she or he may face if acting in a manner in which is disruptive to themselves, the team and/or the club. We hope that parents will help reinforce this idea and work with coaches if any of the above situations occur on the field.

Thank you very much for reviewing this page. This is a living document and will be updated as necessary so please review at least on an annual basis. We hope you found this page useful and will help our club maintain a positive experience for all members. If you have any questions with the above please email